Trends in hairstyle, like any other style, keep changing all the time. Some styles last longer, some die a quick death, and some set an unprecedented trend and get replicated by people worldwide.

Let’s have a look at some of those trending male hairstyles of 2016 that celebrities and the rest of the crowd, have quickly come to love.

Pompadour hairstyles with varying undercuts is suitable for almost all types of hair—like straight, wavy, or curly and also for different lengths.

Short pompadour: This hairstyle suits most facial shapes and lends an air of sophistication.  A clean-shaven face may go well with this style. Manage untamed hair beautifully with this trending style.

Loose pompadour: Gives a casual and relaxed look – a combination of Elvis Presley and today’s you.

Long comb-overs can look neat and trendy with short hair on the sides. This style enables you to wear the hair loose on top too.

A low fade will maintain a classy look while a medium fade can give a contemporary look.

A high fade may leave lesser room for the pompadour; here, it is better to keep the hair on top at medium length. Having longer hair at the sides will give a tousled look of David Beckham.

Curly Hair: Short, medium, textured, and wavy styles with manageable length on top and with fades on the sides are the trends in curly hair. These styles lend a smart and functional look. Long and curly hair just at the top like a fringe gives an easy-to-manage look.

Thin hair: Thin hair is either due to the genes or due to the fine hair. Hairstyle trends for thin hair usually includes keeping it short on the sides and a little longer on top, or even a small fringe at the front.

Whatever your hair type, consult your hairstylist and pick one of the latest trends that suits your face and your profession the best.